Strategy consulting and interim management for international companies and consulting firms interested in Korean market

Main clients

International companies interested in Korean market or businesses

Professional service firms looking for strategy and Korean capability

Areas of expertise

Market understanding

You are interested in developing your business in Korea, and would like to understand the market first. You need strategic information such as market size and growth, customers, players, products, distribution channels.

In many businesses, it's not easy to get such information. You have to be resourceful and utilize various methods including desktop research, interview with industry professionals, and synthesis to combine fragmented data.

That's why this is a strategic task rather than a low-level research job. Korea Strategy can do this effectively at a much more affordable cost than big consulting firms.

Business strategy

You plan to enter Korean market, or already did but want to do better.

You need to assess the validity of your business model. Do we have a compelling value proposition? Are we targeting the right customers? Is our economic model sound? Is our operation effective, with proper utilization of insourcing and outsourcing?

Finally, you need to come up with ideas about how to change your business model.

Preferring idea-intensive, rather than resource-intensive, strategies, Korea Strategy will find ways to move your business forward with least costs.

Due diligence

You want some insights about a Korean company, for the purpose of M&A or strategic alliances.

Strategic due diligence is more about insights than analysis. A company may be sound in its financial numbers, but the business model may be losing its relevance for the future. On the contrary, a company may not look good financially, but may have a future potential or valuable assets for you.

In this age of accelerating change, you need a strategist with insights about innovation and market change. Korea Strategy will provide you with insightful answers to your questions.

Engagement models

Consulting project

A consulting project is suitable when the deliverable and the scope of work can be well defined.

Typically, the project will be done by Hyokon Zhiang alone. Often, strategic projects do not need detailed data and analysis. They need more interpretation and insights than a large amount of data. So, in many cases a skilled strategist alone can do the job most effectively.

However, when the work requires more resources, Korea Strategy will work with other consulting firms or contractors with whom Korea Strategy has collaborative relationships.

Interim management

If you are not yet present in Korea, have just started, or are rebuilding Korean operation, you may not have all the executive talents to run your business. But you cannot hold your business until you find the permanent executive.

Sometimes, an established business also needs an interim executive. When you are building a new business, are piloting a new product, or have a cross-department change management program.

If you need an interim executive, part-time or full-time, in general management, strategy, business development, or marketing, talk to Korea Strategy.

Why Korea Strategy

More affordable

Having many junior consultants on the payroll, big consulting firms tend to make projects big. As a result, the price is too high for many companies.

Korea Strategy, a one-person practice, is free from the pressure, and makes the work small by focusing on what's most important.

Capable professional

Hyokon Zhiang has a track record of coming up with innovative business models and strategies as well as managing complex implementation programs.

He is highly respected by his clients, colleagues, and partners, and well-connected in the business community.

Idea orientation

Traditional strategies tend to be resource-intensive. Buy a competitor, start a large marketing campaign. But the fast pace of recent days is revealing innovation as the key driver of success.

With rich experiences in the power of innovative ideas, Korea Strategy will find ideas that can leverage your resources.