Korea Strategy

Korea Strategy is a consulting and interim management practice of Innomove, a boutique strategic management consulting firm in Korea. Korea Strategy is dedicated to serving international businesses interested in Korean market and companies 

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Hyokon Zhiang

Hyokon Zhiang runs Korea Strategy. He is a strategist, an entrepreneur, and the CEO of Innomove. Before starting Innomove, Hyokon worked at Bain & Company.

Hyokon has a track record of creating and changing new markets and businesses with innovative business models and strategies.

He originated the business model of the first online insurance company in Korea and one of the first in the world, which became the market-defining leader in direct auto insurance in Korea.

He also proposed new revenue models for a large book retailer, substantially contributing to its profitability.

Hyokon has various experiences in working internationally, including working in Europe and Asia and advising international companies, including Coca Cola, Motorola, and AXA, for Korean market development.

He is well connected in Korean business community, and has collaborative relationships with other professional service firms in and outside Korea. He also gives advice to start-ups as well as running his own.

He is an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, graduating as the top finance student. He also graduated as an economics major from Seoul National University.

For more detailed resume, see his LinkedIn profile.

Hyokon is a brilliant strategist and one of the best “out-of-the-box” thinkers that I’ve met. If you have a difficult problem that needs an innovative solution, you can’t do much better than this man.
— Daniel Kim, Head of Financial Planning & Analysis at Trulia
My strategy consulting company, The McGrigor Corporation, was commissioned by a global health Insurance company to look at the potential opportunity for launching an international health insurance product in South Korea. We contracted with Hyokon and Innomove to look at the reactions of several insurance sales agents and intermediaries to the potential product design. In a separate project we asked Hyokon to look at the expat and inpat markets in the accident and health insurance field. In both cases Hyokon’s work was professional and crisply on message. He was particularly impressive in getting together good contacts at short notice.
— James McGrigor, Managing Director of The McGrigor Corporation