Strategy consulting and interim management for international companies and professional firms interested in Korean market

Main clients

International companies interested in Korean market or businesses

Professional service firms looking for strategy and Korean capability

Areas of expertise

Strategy and market understanding

You are interested in developing business in Korea, and would like to understand the market first. You need strategic information such as market size and growth, customers, players, products, distribution channels.

You also need a strategy. A compelling value proposition to the right customers. A solid business model and partners to reach customers.

To gather and synthesize market facts require skills. But ultimately what matters is how you interpret the facts and generate insights.

Korea Strategy can help you understand the market and formulate an effective strategy.

Business development

You plan to enter Korean market, or already did but want to do better.

You may need a partner to work with. You may need to present your products to potential customers. Or you may be looking for an investor or a buyer of your business.

First thing you need to do is to make a compelling pitch presentation. This requires understanding your strength as well as what Korean businesses want.

When you are ready, you need to meet potential partners, customers, or investors.

Korea Strategy can help you through this process.

Due diligence

You want some insights about a Korean company, for the purpose of M&A or strategic alliances.

Strategic due diligence is more about insights than analysis. A company may be sound in its financial numbers, but the business model may be losing its relevance for the future. On the contrary, a company may not look good financially, but may have a future potential or valuable assets for you.

In this age of fast change, you need a strategist with insights about innovation and market change. Korea Strategy will provide you with the overall strategic picture and insightful assessment.

Engagement models

Consulting project

A consulting project is suitable when the deliverable and the scope of work can be well defined. You have well defined questions, like "what is the best way to launch our product in Korea?" or "who do we need as a partner?" or "what companies are potential acquisition targets?"

Korea Strategy will deliver the answers.

Interim management

If you are not yet present in Korea, have just started, or have new projects in your Korean business, you need executive talents. But you cannot hold your business until you find the permanent executive. Often you are not even sure if you need a permanent executive.

Korea Strategy can work as your interim executive.

Why Korea Strategy

Modular and Affordable

Big consulting firms have many consultants on the payroll. They need the whole of your team's work to justify a large team. As a result, the price is too high for many companies.

Korea Strategy is free from the pressure as a one-person practice, and makes the work modular. So the work tends to be much more affordable.

Innovative and Entrepreneurial

Hyokon Zhiang has a track record of coming up with innovative ideas and strategies, as well as making results happen.

He proposed the business model of the first online insurance company in Korea, which is now AXA General Insurance.

Hyokon also recommended additional revenue models for a large bookstore, which contributed significantly to its profitability.

Network with business leaders

Hyokon knows executives at conglomerates like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and SK, major financial service companies, Internet giants like Naver and Kakao, small-to-medium sized businesses, and startups.

He also knows capable professional service providers.

Hyokon's network is a great asset for him to solve a problem or to make it happen.